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Default Re: Look at what I stumbled upon: Tunisian Moassel in the heart of Cairo

Sidi Mansour and El Meallem are decent brands from what i've tried but then the fruity stuff is not usually my first choice. In any case it seems that although Ahmad is not happy with his purchases that is hardly the basis to judge either brands since all brands make some stuff that isn't good and all brands have bad batches. Right now I am since I am smoking Arous El Nile as we speak and it fantastic! and the Tombac Moassel SuperHoney is the richest, most natural tasting honey flavoured product around and both those brands fall a little short of El Kif. I would strongly suggest that people give stuff a try before forming an opinion about something.

Tunisiano - I am Lithuanian but lived in a lot of places. I go to Tusisia on business once or wtice a year and I try to vacation there as well. As to Shh 'el-beled well it's great if you are a fan of traditional style black moassels. Sidi Mansour and El Meallem are both brands that I have found, like you, to be pretty good although they are not my favorite I prefer them to AF, AW, Fusion & all the Gulf brands.
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