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Default Re: How to make smoke cold?

Originally Posted by D-Szlos View Post
I wouldnt suggest the ice with salt in the base, the temp. difference is more likely to crack the glass than if you just used ice. i know a few people have broken their bases through temp. shock.
you will not crack a base if you dont SHOCK it, hence thermal SHOCK. 40-50*difference should really shock it to crack the glass unless there is built up stress from it not being made well in the first place, but if that stress is there tapping it right with metal or another piece of glass will break it too. usually i hear of people breaking their vases when they "drop" ice into it so it makes me think its a lot more of a physical shock as apposed to thermal shock

as to how to make your smoke cold, move to alaska in the winter

if your getting your smoke to start to feel really cold you will be losing a lot of flavor, i agree that it is better to go with mint but you need to get the right flavor of mint to get a cool sensation

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