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Default Re: a copper cored hookah stem?

Originally Posted by smoke-all-day
its been a while since i learned about that stuff, what color streak do both metals leave? i wanna say copper leaves green but i honestly cant remember at all
Copper creates vertigres, just like brass. Its green and very crystal/power like substance, and its not nessarily harmful as long as you keep it under control. Also, copper can also produce a white corrosion like substance, depending on what kind of liquid is comming into contact with it.

Originally Posted by JillyIsJustKidding
Haha its probably because I was helping out my dad weld two copper pipes together today with a blowtorch. I saw smoke coming out of the ends and it smelled really bad. I just get nervous about you using that hookah cuz just knowing that if the heat gets to the copper and starts to smoke...
Brazing normally causes smoke from the melting of the filler material and also the coating on the pipe. When the coating burns away it causes a noxious smell and fumes. Don't worry, if you do own a copper core more then likely there is no coasting on it to prevent corrosion; that's where the cross metal plating comes in to play.
I sweat the matter if the copper was in direct heat or absorbing any high temps.
I really need to post something about the various metals, cleaning properties, and corrosion. Murf..

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