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Default My First Hookah Experience = Nightmare

Ok guys and girls as you know I got my very first Hookah this morning and I was buzzing.

I unpacked everything from it packaging and made a short video showing you guys and girls everything I had recieved.

After finding that no instructions came with the Hookah I decided to seek help from this forum where boomhauer invited me to the chat room.

After a while of mistakes here and there I finally got my rig constructed and now it was time for the packing of the bowl.

When I opened up my golden goals they were just a crumbly mess and was breaking everywhere but I still decided to put them on top and try and have a smoke. I had no foil in the house so I used my metal plate that had come with my hookah.

Well the coals wasn't burning proplerly and the ash was now all mixed with the shisha and had become an awful mess I had ash all my over desk and I was getting no smoke at all but I was getting a slight taste and not a very nice one.

I then decided that these coals were no good so I decided to pack up my smoke and wait till I get some better coals.

I then took my Hookah to the bathroom to close it down and give it a wash. My cat came running in and knocked it all over with the coals still in the ash tray and the whole rig came crashing down and fell apart and burnt my bathroom carpet real bad

In the panic to save the carpet and my hookah and preventing a fire I grabbed everything I could quickly and burnt my fingers really bad and now they are all swollen with blisters and painful as
and my hookah base is scratched like mad (all the red coming off + ash tray is dinted)

I have just dried and packed everything into my free carry bag and I feel really upset my first experience with my hookah has been a real nightmare and I feel totally gutted


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