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Default Opening Up A Hookah Lounge

Hey there. I have been searching for the appropriate threat but cannot quite seem to find it.

I have a partner who for the past two months have seriously been considering opening up a hookah lounge in the greater Seattle area of Washington. We have our ideal location (Kirkland,WA , to be exact for those Seattlelites up here) & have done the statistics for:

Initial startup costs (12 months rent, 18 hookahs, 25 bowls, 10 Razan/Grand Hoses, 3,000 AF Coconut Coals, 25 Kilos of Shisha ( AF / Layalina / Select Nakhla Flavors, Stove, Ice Maker)
It is roughly $22,000 dollars for just those items.
I would estimate another $10,000 dollars for decorations.
I would assume we would present our business plan for a $30,000 dollar loan to pe able to be paid off within 60 months.

Ideally we would be profitable within 26 months (variables can always change goals).

We have been talking to past hookah lounge & former hookah lounge owners & they ALL say it is quite simple. I have wondered why there are only 4-5 lounges in the entire state of Washington, in a state so liberal as us especially. But I have come to the conclusion that there just isn't a need that is being met. The hookah lounges ARE all popular up here, every one that I have been to. Not a single one in the past 4 years has closed down due to lack of income. It is either spilt coals causing the place to burn, or illegal operations (serving alcohol, having employees, not checking ID, etc.).

My question is pretty simple. I have been set on this goal / idea for quite some time but I want to be tested.
Ask me some questions that may stump me.
Give me advice on opening up a lounge.
Any helpful advice or helpful questions are greatly appreciated!

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