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Default Re: Opening Up A Hookah Lounge

so you are going to furnish the place on 10,000$?

Yeah. Couches will be free, just gonna have flooring / paintingfor about $2,000 max.
2 flat screen TVs, ideally & a stereo system. Then about $2.5k on misc. decorations. All estimates are 'rounded' up. I don't have the statistical portion of the business plan done yet. But, that is what the forum is here for, to help out .
Going to serve food?
Not allowed in WA...

is 10 hoses enough?
The hookahs will come with the KM stock hoses. The 10 additional IS for hoses breaking / ghosting flavors of some sort. Just to be prepared for the first few months.

Utilities? Taxes? Licensing fees?
Included in the budget are utilities.
To own a hookah lounge in WA you must not have any employees (only co-owners) & must be a 'private membership'. Hence why I am not ready yet & still in the process, because I need the appropriate contacts in the local county & city councils to respond to my e-mails. But that will give us a better idea on exact licenses. If any hookah lounge representatives in WA could speak up too, that'd be great.

Have you considered using other bowls instead of standard clay ones for the more wet shisha?
We plan on using both vortexs & phunnels

How much are you looking to large for each shisha?
We plan on charging $15.00 a bowl for standard AF.
$13.00 a bowl for house blends (mixes of left over shisha from each kilo/tub)
$7.00 for refills.

How many people per shisha?
2 people per hookah, but we will 'allow' 3 if requested.

What will the age limit be?
No age limit as of yet. But a min age of 18... obviously.
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