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Default Re: Opening Up A Hookah Lounge

Originally Posted by Matt-641 View Post
Your going to want to make sure you have ALL the correct permits. That's how The Rabbit Hole originally got in trouble.

KM's are definately great hookahs to use, however they are pretty expensive. Why not MZ's? They are a little cheaper and still work great.

Also, the reason Majles and Night Owl do so well has a lot to do with the fact that they are both right by Universities. So you may want to check around to see if you can find a location somewhat close to a college.
Yep. Hence why Edmonds / Kirkland would be great. Right by two of the top community colleges in the state. As well as popular for night life in the area.
Rabbit Hole was fine, they got closed because the whole place caught on fire due to a coal under a couch. Mira's just closed because they had so many fines against them & decided to get out while they could instead of leaving unprofitably. But Mira's didn't check ID 24/7, had employees & also had some tax problems.

& I haven't tested out an MZ yet. But we are more than likely going with a KMs/MYAs just due to our sources we have for purchasing.
But anyone have suggestions for wholesale purchasing?
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