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Originally Posted by jimmmmaaaa View Post
Hm, i was expecting this to be a flaw with the coals, not a typical scenario. Interesting. I I thought they were burning out, but if thats not the case i suppose im satisfied, big improvement on taste at least (or well, lack of).
My coconut coals, either ShishaCo or CH nats don't black up that much on the bottom. I usually pick them up, blow on them once or twice and they're red hot again. I don't know about AF though.

If the bottom of the coal becomes black to the point that you can't light it back up by blowing on it, there may be a moisture problem (your coal is dying). You can fix that by removing the moisture from your coals. Lay them out in a room that has a dehumidifier or expose them to the sun (by a window).
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