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ya i got a good year out of it smoking about 2 bowls a day so i got a good 6-700 bowls out of it probably so its not bad, just ended up pissing me off more tonight cause i fucked up some electrical in my jeep (just blew a fuse but i thought i might have burned out the circuit to my fog lights), then proceeded to have issues with my computer cause ive let a lot of latent shit build up in it so i need to start fresh when snow leo comes out next month.

just having a pretty shitty weak in general, i had to cancel a trip that i would have gotten my last chance to compete in a national thing and had a damn good chance of getting first place and almost guaranteed top ten out of like 3-400 people, kinda killed my dream ive had for 7 years and its the first thing i havent accomplished that i said i would do ever so yeah, gar and to top it off tomorrow is the 1 year anniversary of my bros GF passing away and i guess it has been effecting me a lot more than i thought even though i didnt get to know her well, guess just the whole idea that life is so fragile and we can be gone at any time. o well things will get better, go back to school next week and all so everything will even out

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