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Default Re: Knocking over the hookah

The issue of stability relies on 2 main things assuming you use a decent standard hookah:

1) Stability of the vase.
2) Type of floor.

As for 1) sometimes your vase isnt actually flat on the bottom and leans, one solution is to get a vase protector that might actually compensate you, the other solution is to get a new hookah.
As for 2) If you have tile or wood flooring then you have no need to put your hookah on a table, the ground is fine, and less of a hazard to you and your couch/chair.
2)b)If you have carpeting, there are a few options including the table method to create a flat surface that your hookah sits on. Mine was simple, a 10" or so candle dish from Walmart, it is flat and has small walls, the weight of the hookah keeps it pressed on the carpet and the hookah's weight is evenly applied to the entire dish. Other methods above work too though. I used an endtable for some time in my all carpet apartment, but as you can see from newer vids taken in my house (ones with the blue wall) I use the floor because of the tile.

When pets and idiots are involved, its about how you train your pets and how you handle idiots. My destructive puppy is an odd ball, he burnt part of his paw attacking the gas stove but runs into his kennel when he sees hookah smoke. Sometimes the pain of his direct action doesnt do it for him, and a nice whack on the nose is enough to help him learn. Id train your pets to keep a distance from your "hookah spot" so as to avoid breakage.

Finally, have lots of backups, I have 4 spare glass vases, and like 10 or so clay bowls, just in case.

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