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Default Re: 22" Thamesh/Temsah Hookahs

Originally Posted by DanyalAkkaya View Post
A vortex bowl will fit that right? and when you put in the KM hose was it a snugg fit or was a barley in there? I have a similar one if not a little smaller and I can only use the cheap hose it came with because my nammor won't fit. I think I might get one it looks badass.
A vortex will definitly fit. the top of the stem where the hose goes is pretty much the same size as my full size km, and the stock bowl that came with it has the same sized openging at the bottom as my KM bowl.

As for the km hose... eh... it went in pretty snugh, and stayed in for a while, then just fell out after a while. But the KM hose has a long handle on the end that goes in to the hose port, so it was too heavy and fell out. A nammor or a regular razan just has the acrylic end and a little sweatband thing, so it shouldnt weigh much more than the stock hose, if at all.

I own a razan, and will be pickign it up in the next few days from the guy that has it ATM. After i do, i will see how it fits. I will have to go over to my friends to do it, but i will probably be over there anyways.
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