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Originally Posted by Coldgr33ntea View Post
Gunpowder tea is like a loose leaf tea, but it is shaped into pellets that resemble the pellets used in cannons. This tea usually uses some form of green tea leaves, but there are others out there. It tends to have a smokey taste to it because it is roasted, it also retains more flavor in its pellet form and is more durable. I got mine at this old Asian market, approximately 500g of it for 6$. There are other more commercialized brands of it, but i like to stick with the stuff straight from Asia, it just tastes more authentic. Temple of Heaven is the brand that i use the majority of the time.
ya its pretty good. i have a blend that is "Moroccan mint" and has gunpowder and mint leaves in it and i brew it up, make a sweet tea out of it and drink it when i blow glass since the mint keeps you cool and the caffeine and sugar gives you a boost, along with being very refreshing

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