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Default Re: What do you do during a session?

first of all, the cake is a lie to whoever has the CC avatar.

I used to smoke only when watching movies but we recently reclaimed our patio so now the hookah stays out there most of the time. We still occasionally watch movies but mainly we use it to chill. None of my friends smoke(though a couple have expressed interest) so it's usually my fiancee and our roomate. We end up talking about our lives and what's going on, our education goals(we're all thinking about going back to school, my girl and I have degrees and I want a different one/she wants a masters), religion cause my girl recently became christian, and a whole mess of things. My girl has a degree in psychology and I have on in philosophy, so we can talk quite a bit about strange topics.

So mostly just chill and talk, occasionally watch a movie or listen to music.
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