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Originally Posted by photolinger View Post
You guys are freaking me out with all this "herbal" love.

Hyrdro is just like the rest of them, bagasse, you are smoking sugar cane. You know when you order a mojito and they leave that stick in your drink, to the farmers, that stick was better than whats in herbal boxes.

I beg you, come back to the tobacco side. A risk of lung cancer might suck, but pulmonary fibrosis isnt quite pleasant either.


I said that because it is techincally all true, and the smoke doesn't have the same body or flavor, its just lacking. Kind of like smoking out of an acrylic hookah after using brass for so long. doubt! Herbal doesn't compare to the true cancer yumminess of real shisha tobacco! I found the herbal to be quite bland when smoked alone. But if ones mixes a bit in with the true tobac it makes it last longer for us cash strapped hookah hagglers.
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