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Default AF U.A.E VS. AF U.S

Well basically, it all started when i first ordered cherry online, i remember smoking it and absolutely hating it, tasteless, poor clouds, too dry, and overall just an absolute rubbish shisha. then a few weeks later,(about the time there was a real alfakher drout in the UK) my local shisha supplier only had cherry left so i was pretty much had nothing else to smoke.

but to my complete amazement, very moist, intoxicating aroma, huge smooth clouds, and extremely full flavoured. for the next few weeks this was all i smoked untill he ran out.

when he ran out i decided to order some stuff from the states (john with CH) so bagged myself some cherry, bubblegum, watermelon, tangiers and fusion.

but when i smoked this cherry it was like the first time extremely poor, but i couldnt understand why. first thought that came to my head was a batch problem. but on closer comparison of both the boxes from john and my local supplier, i found one had all english writing and the other, half english half arabic. after some research i found the box with arabic writing had been produced in ajman, and the other box produced in california.

so as a final test i sourced some cherry from ajman, and some from the US and sure enough i was right the stuff was better when it was produced in ajman. ive noticed this with watermelon, mint and single apple.

the issue doesnt seem to be for all the flavours like grape and double apple are rubbish wherever i get them from, but across some.

the differences are quite suttle in some cases and larger in others. overall the stuff from ajman has more of a natural taste is extremely wet and better smelling

has anyone else had this experience, with AF or any other brand, because im sure the nakhla you guys get in the US is more wet and tastefull than the stuff we get here?
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