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Originally Posted by LoQuik View Post
I stopped smoking AF because of the cut and the throat tickle but I might have to pick some up again =)
I had to find a workaround to the infamous throat tickle since I have almost 1.5kg of various AF flavors in my stash.

Pack it down solidly in a phunnel. Use fewer, larger holes on your foil. I poke about 8 "slits" using a knife on the outer rim and it does the trick. Leave the coals on for at least 5 minutes before taking the first draw. If possible use a windcover. The bowl has to get very hot at first. I don't know exactly how it works, but it smoothens the smoke and makes the flavors fuller. You don't want to let the bowl overheat, obviously.

Nowadays, AF is a shadow of its former self but the Golden line is still great and the price is just right imo. I see a lot of AF bashing on HP and it saddens me because a lot of it is exaggerated or unjustified. Most AF flavors I've tried range from decent to great.

Cola is just putrid, though. They should rename it to "vinegar".
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