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Default Re: My mom is gonna kill me...

Originally Posted by ebaygirl View Post
My son lives with us right now, he was accepted at a university near here, but he's 24, he has had hookah's since he was 14, it's a cultural thing and I would rather he does it openly in front of me than hiding it. If he's going to smoke, me being upset is not going to change that. Now on the other hand if he used my credit card without asking I would be angry, but he doesn't. When I first saw your post, I was thinking, you used her card or something like that. I loved that my son and daughter come back home after having lived away for a while, they are so mature and different and I missed them. Just go to your mom and tell her, you did something and you hope she will understand, and then if she get angry and yells or which ever way she responds, be humble, let her know she is right and tell her you want to be honest and not hide things from her. Some moms are chill others are usually anxious and very worried about what could happen, therefore their reaction is more angry.Just the fact that you are thinking that your mom will get angry shows that you are sensitive to her and you respect her. Best of luck, and nice hookah!
My mom knows i smoke... she is just going to be mad at my spending, especially when for the last several months i have been very poor and unable to fully support myself. I have been making all my bills and paying for most of my food, but she has been helping to fill in that gap a little. But this paycheck i just got left me with a sizable chunk of cash to reward myself for surviving my months of hardship...... pr something.
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