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Default Re: Amature w/lots of questions

1st I understand wanting a 2 hose, that's pretty much the only reason to get one. With a KM or Nour you would have to hold your thumb over the hose you aren't using since it doesn't seal automatically. Since you said the whole point is cause you game, that doesn't seem efficient. I would recommend a MYA with the autoseal feature. It's basically a ball bearing in the hose port so it seals it off when you aren't using it.

you only acclimate tangiers, other shisha will just dry out if you leave it out.

I dunno you'd have to be more specific about packing, hole pattern, etc. I find my phunnel(caravan so generic not tangiers) to be really, really inconsistent with how well it works. Sometimes great with good flavor and nice clouds, sometimes crappy with just wisps. I just get lucky I guess lol
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