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Default Re: Amature w/lots of questions

Originally Posted by Ghostc4 View Post
I figure instead of starting a bunch of threads with each question, I would just ask them all here. I don't maybe this can help others as well. So on to the questions.

I am looking for a good 2 hose hookah, I know everyone says "stick with 1 hose". That really isn't a viable option because when me and "TheGirlfriend" smoke we game, which means we are sitting across the room from each other. I figure throwing 1 hose back and forth doesn't seem like a good idea. I first though, "I must get a KM, they are the best thing ever!", but my opinion has kinda changed. Anyway before I drone on to much longer. My question is what would be a really good 2 hose hookah to get, I really like KMs and Nours. Does some one have a suggested specific hookah?

I just read about some one doing something called Acclimating, it is referring to tangiers. I was wondering what he meant and is it only done with tangiers? Why do you acclimate tangiers shisha

Last night I smoked out of my Tangiers phunnel bowl for the first time last night and I couldnt get good smoke from it. I was using a single layer of foil, 3 coconara's and I was smoking Nakhal double apple. The bowl was lightly packed with random evenly spaced holes. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get better smoke?

Thanks in advance.
Practice practice practice. See what works for you. It took me a good couple of months to have a good technique down. Now, I can tell when it's cold, hot, etc. Just don't be impatient, I've found that the only way to get good consistent smoke is to let the bowl warm up slowly. Maybe around 8-10 puffs or so. Good luck.
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