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Default Re: Post your toilet after smoking!!

Originally Posted by ebaygirl View Post
This has nothing to do with the shisha or snuff or nicotine this person needs fiber and lot's of it! Nothing seems to make you go. Lol!I think for some people, relaxing, or certain foods or drinks can cause an immediate trip to the bathroom. For example my sister and the book store, I don't go to the bookstore with her because of this, the smell of books makes her go.
i do probably need a bit more fiber, i can eat most grains cause i have celiac (cant eat gluten so no wheat, rye, barley, or spelt or anything made from them even malt flavors or malt vinegar), granted if i eat it well ya i will go but ya no fun, along with over all feeling like crap.

plenty of things will make me go just not nicotine lol

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