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Default Re: Hookah Bar Help...

Originally Posted by 99GenX View Post
Retail, AF can be found fairly cheap, $10/250g, and has great taste (it's not a "premium" shisha but is really "safe" and consistent). I'm sure with a business/wholesale account, the prices drop at least 30%.

Shisha in general is very profitable. Even if you pay the off-the-shelf price of $10, you can still get 10 bowls out of that pack, and at $12/bowl (higher in Miami I'd assume), you're bringing in a profit of $110 out of a $10 pack.

My local hookah bars use AF and SB. One charges $9 for AF and $10 for AF Gold, and the other charges $8 for AF and $11 for SB.

AF is consistent?

Also can probably get more than 10 bowls out of 250.
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