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Default the last straw!@#!


so i just had the worst experience with quick light coals ever..
so i just got this new single coil electric burner that i got so that i could switch from quick lights to naturals because everyone agrees they kick the shit outa QL's... so i decide to put 2 out of my last 4 3 kings on it to speed up the lighting process... 2 minutes in both coals were white as ever ALL OVER.. damn i was excited like i was about to get the best smoke ever....lies!!!!! i put it on the foil and take a puff... nada...ok maybe i should wait longer... 10 minutes later i come back....still..nada... 10 more minutes.. o hey look smoke.. but it was small to light medium smoke at best..i was like wtf.. so i go ahead and get out the torch and add 2 more ql's to the bowl.. i now have 4 coals on my vortex bowl..bad idea.. oh i got smoke.. huge smoke..horrible flavor.. tasted like i trashed the first two failed coals and sprinkle new sheesh in the bowl and put the torch lit coals back on.. finally decent smoke.. good flavor...i hate my new coals dont get here till next week and im out of coals.. i might have to borrow some of my neighbors romman lemonwood naturals to hold me over till i get my shishaco natural cocos in... why am i such a newb ?

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