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Default Help a noob out

Hey after a bunch of reading i decided to get me and the gf a hookah but i have a few questions. I pretty much decided to get a pink mya qt. After doing some shopping around for the best price i noticed at their picture of the qt has a pink base, bowl, and hose but the other sites dont. do other sites have the qt with all matching parts? it really looks a lot better with the matching parts.

Another question is about coals. How long do they last particularly the quick start kind? Can i light them with just a lighter and thats it or do i have to wait a while?

Since im getting the mya qt and it comes with a bunch of stuff is there anything else i should get with it? What parts need replacing eventually?

And one last set of questions about tobacco. How many sessions can i get out of a 50g box? does the tobacco go bad after a while? we probably only have enough time to smoke once or twice a week. And can you recommend some good mango or peach flavored sisha. and feel free to throw any other stuff i should know.

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