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1. I thought I saw an assembled pink QT on another site before, but I can't remember where.

2. Each QL (quicklight coals) usually last anywhere from half and hour to close to an hour depending what ones you buy. But remember that QL's add a little nasty taste to the smoke. Naturals are much better.

3. Stem, hose, grommets, base, and bowl should all be included (maybe even a carrying case/cage). You shouldn't need to replace anything for a long time as long as you take care of the hookah (i.e. wash it frequently, don't leave water in the vase for a long time, and make sure you don't tip it over. Though it is a very stable hookah)

4.The amount of shisha you use depends on the bowl you use (I'm assuming you will use the Mya bowl that comes with the QT, which isn't a real big bowl (good thing), so you can probably get about 3 sessions out of 50g. Once opened, keep the shisha in an air tight container (tupperware is fine) or in a plastic bag. With a plastic bag, you have to be sure to get as much air out of it as you can before closing it. Usually shisha that has been opened will last about 6months to 1 year. After that, it starts to loose flavor.
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