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Default Re: Help a noob out

First off I would like to ask you to take a look at http://**********.com . He is one of the most beloved vendors on the forums by most of the members. He will have everything you need and has standard flat rate shipping of $10.95 so no matter how many things you buy the shipping will stay the same.

Now as for the questions.

1- Yes all the sites will send you the same items that you mentiond, some of them just dont have them pictured but they most likely do come with them.

2- Normal quicklights dont last that long and give a horrid taste, so I would recommend ******* hookah quick lights. They are the only quick light coals I use, they last about 30mins to 45mins and they have no taste at all. Here is a link from **********.com... http://**********.com/

3- The only parts you would need are ones that you break, but there are some things that would make your smoke a whole lot better like a vortex bowl or tangiers phunnel bowl(**********.com) and a wide washable hose there are a variety like nammor hoses, grand hoses, razan hoses(**********.com) but those arent needed, you can still smoke without them but they will give you better results.

4 - As for 50g boxes you can maybe get 3 maybee 4, but if you are new to hookah I would suggest you buy 50g boxes of assorted flavors/ brands until you find one or a couple that you really like and then move on to bigger quanities of that flavor. I honestly havnt smoked peach or mango so I wouldnt be able to help you there but im sure someone will.

Also you might need a hose adaptor since **********.com doesnt have 2 hose mya qts here is a link. http://**********.com/

Hope I helped you out, Cheers and welcome to the site!
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