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Default Re: Hookah Bar Help...

Originally Posted by nabil28 View Post
Im trying to open a hookah bar in Miami.Basically the only thing Im missing is the alcohol license.My question is the following;

What is the best(high quality) and most profitable tobbaco that I can use?
(Ex. Al faker ,nakhla, yasminia,layalina,Strabuzz etc.)

What tabacco does your local hookah bar uses?

Ill really appreciate if you can help me on this one.

Nakhla is the cheapest, around $3.50 for 250g usually for wholesale. AF is great to use, the cost is right and the quality is great.

I hope you have around $50k set aside for this, I tried to open one and the costs for everything are pretty high.

For hookahs, I would reccomend some Mya QT's or get some reliable KM'.
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