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Default Re: Help a noob out

About the QL's... They usually last about 45 minutes for good quality ones.. What was said about quicklights isnt necessarily true (the nasty taste). If you make sure that they are completely light and lightly ashed over before you throw them on to your bowl then you shouldnt have any problems.. I totally agree though that naturals take the cake... The quicklights I would suggest are either three kings or the ******* hookah quicklights... (if those are both still around and named the same)

About the tobacco...It will keep flavor for a long time as long as it is properly stored and sealed in an air tight container.. when you move from the baggy to the container, make sure to get as much of the juices as possible.

About replacement parts... You shouldn't need to replace anything for a while. Myas are solidly built, great quality, and they are beautiful. the only things you may need to replace over time would be a bowl grommet and possibly a hose grommet, everything else should be just fine.

About the sessions... It all depends on the size of the bowl. For a Mya Qt you should be able to get about four or five sessions. If its still the same size bowl as a few years ago...

As for flavors... A personal favorite of mine is the brand Starbuzz... its more of a candy flavor though.. and last time i checked they didnt have anything smaller than 100g i believe it was.

Hopefully that helps a bit.
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