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well aren't you lucky! My one and only hookah is a Turkish Nargile i bought while over there last year!

What Kind of hookah is it? Well its not really easy to say....Its not like saying its Egyptian, Syrian, KM or what ever.
To be honest most to all of these larger hookahs are Turkish Style Nargiles that are usually built by small (I mean small) local factories. Most of the gaskets or seals are done with sports tape which dosent affect it much. (do see the hose gasket isnt though)>(ususally the hose is a bit different and has no gasket)

The bowl is in fact unglazed and fits into the stem unlike most hookah heads.
They are fairly sized and are great for smoking Nakhla.

The hose on the one in your pic is a bit odd for a Turkish hookah as it has a more common look unlike the ones in the pic from Danyal. those are more like it.

I was wondering as you mentioned the price. Did your grandpappy buy it in Istanbul at the grand bazzar or the egyptian spice market because that price 120 YTL seems a bit off for that Kind (PM ME ILL EXPLAIN IF YOU WANT)

Yes turkish pipes dont have a purge valve most of the time but thats never been a problem for me...And i am new to Hookah (well myself making it).

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