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Default Re: WTH: Two hose

its near impossible to find a good quality in a style you like for cheap. try a rotary hookah? 2 hose hookah they have auto seals on em i believe .

my first hookah was from and its called the ballerina it is a decent smoke lacking a bit in performance when compared to the 42in km i had, but it was great for parties and get togethers.

you might be better off buying 2 bambinos thoughs things hit like a champ, if far beyond driven was still around he could vouch for it. I had clouds almost as big as i did with my km off of that little thing (insane) just get a phunnel bowl and i had a razzan hose cause narbish wasn't around or ida got them 2 support the CH company, which btw i think he designed em awesomely he took the good features of the razzan and kept them and tossed out all the bad
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