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Default Re: Hookah Bar Help...

Originally Posted by Coldgr33ntea View Post
If I were you I would offer 3 different tobaccos, Nakhla, being the cheapest, because it is, but it is mighty good, then AF, because it has a lot of flavors that people would like, then Starbuzz, because it is expensive and you can fool people into thinking that it is something AMAZING!, which it isnt really.
That's how I was going to do it if I opened my bar, a three-tier shisha price plan.

I would suggest offering packages, like $20 for a hookah and 2 drinks or something. $20's are common, and that's a good deal and you'll only spend about $1 in shisha, and however much in drinks, fountain drinks cost around .20 cents an ouce I believe.
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