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Default Re: Identify This Hookuhhh!

Smokin' it now. Yeah Matt haha craigslist ftw.

It's alright... My friends will like it. Haha it's no KM though.

Decent pull, some restraint which is nice... Perfect vase for lots of ice though.

This nakhla banana sucks though. Mixed with some AF mint... Kinda crumby, but well worth $25 bucks. Came with a tub of Al Amir Pomegranate... There was a bag of starbuzz in it actually. I am guessing some cherry/strawberry starbuzz because it smells like crap. Definitely afraid to smoke it
Then 3 cobra hoses & a mod bowl & a bag of some natural wood coals.
Not gonna use like anything it came with haha, but well worth the money
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