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Default Re: Herbal Shisha

Been sampling the HYDRO a little more. Most of the flavors have more of an aroma than a true flavor. Certainly not the thick chewy flavor most true tobaccos give you.

The blackberry and blueberry are great flavors. They smell and taste wonderful.

The peach is good but it's quite sensetive to overheating. One coal, usually broken in half, in a small clay bowl is all you need.

There's a mixed fruit flavor called hurricane that is like a pale shadow of my beloved Fumari Fakfakhina. More of an aroma than a true 'flavor'. Doesn't have much taste at all.

Can't get the cherry to taste good at all. Smells like cherry nyquil, tastes like a burning outhouse. Tried everything, I think it's a lost cause.

A few things to consider: Herbal moassel (If you could call it that) doesn't work like the regular stuff. The flavors seem to come out better if the stuff is tightly packed into the bowl. Leave plenty of airspace between your coals and the molasses (Whatever you want to call it) and don't over do it in the coal. Usually a single coal broken in two will suffice.

Whats the deal with pulmonary fibrosis? Anyone have any data on this?
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