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Default Re: Phunnel vs Vortex! You decide!

Originally Posted by JimNibbles View Post
I've always had more luck with the vortex. It's a much more forgiving bowl unless you're smoking Fantasia or something equally drippy. No matter how tight I pull the foil over the phunnel, after awhile the weight of the coals and the force of the air being drawn through it will inevitably pull the foil down way too close to the hole, making the pull stupidly hard.
you must not be putting it on tight enough
never had this problem. but i don't have the vortex bowl, but i plan on getting at least one so i can make a good comparison. but, i absolutely love my phunnels, i have 2 of them. you can smoke them forever and not have to wash it out. i have no complaints about the phunnel, you just have to pull the foil nice and tight
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