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Default Horrible coals

Ladies & gentlemen..have you ever seen that cheap box of coals that sit in the corner in your local hookah shop just begging to be bought? They are in a black box with flames on the side and all it says on top is charcoal tablets. They have nothing else on it except it was made in China. If you ever see these things don't...I repeat don't buy them! They are your typical round quick-light coals. When I first lit these things they stunk like ass! Then if they are not hard enough to light, once they get going they somethimes sputter and shoot sparks out. I even had one that popped and split in 2 as it was sparking up! Then to top it off they burn like shit! They give off very little heat and burn up quick. So next time you see those no-name coals for pennies a piece, don't buy em!
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