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Default Re: First time hookah buyer, any tips? suggestions?

When a hookah is larger than 13” or so, this really becomes an issue of preference over functionality. The heat from the bowl would not disturb the temperature of the water any more than normal. Hookahs between 20-36 inches tend to smoke better than the rest. The taller a hookah is, the harder it is to clean. You may just need to clean it in the bathtub if its bigger than 30 inches.
From the sticky, yes its a large guide, but if you don't need to read a section, skip that section and carry on.

As for those hookahs, check out our review section (or press the search button up top) and read through the reviews. I personally have reviewed the AF and the Temsah hookahs on videos but I think some of your other choices are in the video review section too.

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