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Originally Posted by photolinger View Post
The disease

The cause:
Mostly from handling bagasse, and inhaling the sugarcane particles, which is all you will do when you smoke it.

That's a rundown of what you get.


Not necesarily JUST fibrosis

Yeah, but they're talking about people who handle this stuff in factories. It's a rather big jump to assume that someone who handles a few grams of this stuff a few times a week is going to be subject to the same damages (Maybe after many years.) Even then it's being indirectly heated, and filtered through a significant amount of water. I'm not seeing any information to say this stuff is any more harmful than tobacco.

Originally Posted by photolinger View Post
Edit: Replacing your tobacco will not prevent lung diseases, that is the bottom line.
Well, duh. I've got some oceanfront property here in the great state of AZ to sell to anyone who believes that.

I think you're making the mistake of thinking that people enjoy this stuff because it's healthier. I sure don't.The reason I enjoy it is because I often like to smoke when I'm doing other things (like writing or drawing) and I don't always want a big heady buzz that tobacco gives me... I think an herbal alternative that tastes great anddoesn't hit me with the same buzz is great for that.
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