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Default Re: First time hookah buyer, any tips? suggestions?

after buying my 3rd hookah (just ordered last night) i will say to get something that has a good reputation, fits your budget, and fits your tastes.

i bought a rotator for my first hookah, looks great IMHO, great design, horrid execution of said design though, so i got a mya mini off ebay for 25 shipped, crazy good price, great little rig but its kinda disappointing for an every day smoke... even more so after 9 months using it daily

i now just ordered a KM because they are supposed to be very good, sturdy and seems to fit everything in my mind. i suggest looking towards more traditional hookahs like KM, MZ, general syrians or general egyptians because a lot of the modern hookahs are really just junk. myas can be good though dont get me wrong but some of the passage ways are a bit restrictive even on some of the large ones and im not a fan of the autoseal (seems to always be hard to pull, but it could also be caused by my friends rig has some restrictions maybe )

probably not the most exact advice but things to think about.

i would stick with real vendors as apposed to ebay, personally i might not buy a hookah for hookah-shisha again because of the rotator i got from them and argued about along with no shipping breaks (paid like 30 shipping for a rig, shisha, and coals, ya it was a big order but many other places give shipping breaks or have flat shipping)

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