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Default Re: ATTENTION!! A big ''thank you'' HP style!

Originally Posted by abu ronin View Post
Well. First of all, the tone of your first post is certainly no way to begin your stay here at HP. Second, having started this thread I can tell you that this post and the effort as a whole was not intended to support the war. It was intended to show a friend and longtime member of our community that we're all thinking of him and would like to send him some comforts of home whilst he's away from his family and friends. As I stated in the very first post ''regardless of your opinions regarding the foreign policy decisions of our government, the one thing that we can all agree on is that the men and women that wear this countries uniform, and their families, are making huge sacrifices every day in the service of our country.'' Are you willing to argue against that point? Feel free to do so. I welcome such a debate. But let me be clear! If we choose to send a bar of soap or a few cigars to a friend who is thousands of miles from his family in the service of our country, then we are gonna do it, regardless of your opinionated and narrow minded views of our actions. Hookah Pro is one of the largest shisha communities out there. But we are also a strong community built on friendship and a common interest in the art of the shisha.We take care of one another in times of service and in times of need. If you don't approve of how we conduct our business you are free to move on. You will not be missed!
I couldn't have said it better myself, except I wouldn't have been nearly as nice.
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