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Default Re: I dont understand how this can work

Originally Posted by benzona2 View Post
man it works! clay is used for hookah for two reasons, first: it's cheap, second: it can deal well with temperatures!! it won't crack the only bad side is you don't have much room for shisha, nor coal, what makes a short session that is likely to burn if you don't know what you are doing.

why is it good? the smoke get's chilled right away, it isn't building up a warm smoke and then get's in the water as a bunch, it's builds up cold smoke so it kicks ass! the reason to doubt it is because clay isn't know as a good heat transmitter.. got my point?

if I show how to make a good diffuser easily, you want it written or video?
i really hope this is sarcasm.

the tobacco is steamed (i.e. heated) you cannot heat and cool something at the same time and expect the temp to change. its not the material that is in question (which pet peeve it is ceramic once it is fired). it will crack because the water expands and forces it apart, some one on here got one for s's and g's or for free and 2 or 3 of them in a row that were replacements have cracked when being frozen

now using it w/o ice might help build up more even heat in the bowl with the extra layer of insulation there

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