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Default AF Blasphemy Flavor

Haha tricked you! No such thing!

Actually I decided to mix some of the worst AF flavors I think there are personally into a little ziplock and mush em up.

The flavors are as follow:

AF Pineapple
AF Cherry
AF Plum

I am going to attempt to smoke them now with those silver tabbed coals (2) on traditional clay. Will update asap!


Update #1:
After getting the coals red hot, they have already seriously begun ashing over. Almost dropped them with my tongs.

Update #2
Faint taste of plum and cherry

Update #3
Scratchy throat

Update #4
Juice is flowing down my stem damn traditional bowl

Update #5
Haven't ashed the coals yet, they are giving off nice heat for 2. No windcover. Flavor now tastes like a mix of cherry and pineapple.

Update #6
plum taste now

update #7
too lazy to look at how the coals are doing. cherry taste now.
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