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Default Re: brands of shisha

Originally Posted by dmcwebd
Originally Posted by daedra
its really hard to say exactly what brand is the best. some times im in love with al waha (after nine, orange cream, winter flower), other times im into nakhla or starbuzz.
how can you be in love with nahkla at any time
Hmmm going to have to question your title as "Da Shisha King" with a comment like that! LOL

I think taste is very subjective. There are some brands that offer flavors others don't, so if your found of say Pistachio you'll smoke Nakhla because they make it.

I do think some people have hidden motives for the brand of tobacco they like the most. Some are given shisha and in return sing it's praises in the forums. Some may even be related to or very good friends with a shisha maker or shop owner and will recommend their brand or products at every chance. You know the present day teacher's pet! LOL

Anyhow I would say I prefer the drier shishas like Nakhla and Pharaoh's. They aren't as heat sensitive as the goopey types and they produce tire fire thick smoke.

BTW I have tried 4 flavors of Hookah Freak. Blueberry Pancakes, Crazy Monkey, Snickerdoodle, and Tropical Explosion. Blueberry Pancakes and Snickerdoodle are really good, Crazy Monkey is pretty good, Tropical Explosion is decent. They all produce a good amount of smoke.
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