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Default Re: brands of shisha

Originally Posted by Dunkel
I do think some people have hidden motives for the brand of tobacco they like the most. Some are given shisha and in return sing it's praises in the forums. Some may even be related to or very good friends with a shisha maker or shop owner and will recommend thier brand or products at every chance. : You know the present day teacher's pet! LOL
who are you talking about? havent seen anyone plug a certain brand more than another myself.

best brand is subjective. some brands have better flavors compared to different brands. such as mint it is very widely made but many people including myself prefer al fakher mint. some people may say other brands have a better mint but again it all depends on your personal tastes. i smoke a few brands and everyone of them includes different flavors i enjoy more. the list is just of brands i have tried, i have not tried all their flavors so maybe i would like one if i tried it.

likes: al fakher, starbuz, hookah hookah, tangiers
alright: nakhla, hookah freak, tonic, romman
dislike: layalina (so far nothing amazing just yet), al waha (didnt like my sample it was old)
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