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Default Re: Got a few questions guys

Those will smoke the same, although I prefer the Exotica aesthetically.

Regarding the pear -

IIRC the "pears" in the stem are acrylic. 1) If it is acrylic, it could crack and ruin the entire stem. Not to mention the connections between that and the surrounding metal would not be up to part with metal-to-metal welds. 98% sure they are acrylic materials. 2) If it isn't acrylic, it's just another weld to possibly weaken or become detached if the hookah were to become impacted or tipped over.

Either way, I'd choose the Exotica.

Great choice in general, though. I love my KM.

edit: To further the "small phunnel" suggestion; anything bigger and a sub-2 hour session wastes a lot of shisha. The Egyptian bowl that comes stock with the KM's is sufficient for 95% of shisha out there so you might want to try it first.

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