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Default Idea: Washing a KM hose.

Sorry for the rambling but -

A KM hose is essentially composed of leather and metal coils. Even with a blow dryer, washing a KM will ruin the leather and quickly rust the coils.

There are several 100% organic oils/solvents on the market that are used for misc. lubrication and cleaning applications. A mix of these could possibly clean the hose without damaging the leather or metal coil. Oils would not be harmful to the leather in small amounts, and the organic solvents would clean the coils. Ideas?

Another idea. Washed my bike today with the Mr. Clean self-drying car wash system. After looking into how the system works, there is a wafer that the water runs through that deionizes the water. Deionized water itself dries much quicker than standard tap or filtered water. Could deionized water be used to clean the KM hoses due to it's rapidly increased drying capabilities (we're talking about a vehicle being completely dry in a matter of seconds/one minute)?

Just throwing stuff out there. Has anyone experimented with this?
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