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Default Re: brands of shisha

[quote=Dunkel ]
Originally Posted by boomhauer
Originally Posted by Dunkel
I do think some people have hidden motives for the brand of tobacco they like the most. Some are given shisha and in return sing it's praises in the forums. Some may even be related to or very good friends with a shisha maker or shop owner and will recommend thier brand or products at every chance. : You know the present day teacher's pet! LOL
who are you talking about? havent seen anyone plug a certain brand more than another myself.

boom I'm not going to name names because they will want a pissing match and I'm not about any of that crap. When you see a person who in every post needs to name drop. Like Mya is the best hookah ever, or I only smoke Tangiers or Starbuzz. It just gets old, I mean everyone has their opinions, but do they need to give them everytime they post?

I dont really see the problem if ppl giving names of brands that they like.. and i dont get why ppl would get pissed about it either :
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