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Default Re: What do you think about this order?

I went with the 30" solid over the 36" mostly because of looks. The medium is smaller than what I was expecting as 30" is a slight over estimate with bowl height included. The box is labeled 26" and the hookah measured from base to tip is ~24.75". I'm not impressed with the base but that might not matter to you. The accessories that come with it are crap IMO as was the bowl gasket that was included. You will probably have some trouble getting the Narbish to fit in the hose port with the included gasket. A thinner solution will make it much easier/sturdier. The purge valve could use a little enlarging for better performance but other than that, it smokes and looks great.

FWIW, the pic of the large solid you linked to above is of the 1st generation solids judging by the base and purge valve.
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