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Default Re: ATTENTION!! A big ''thank you'' HP style!

I got shot at in Afghanistan to protect the freedom that you have exercised by coming on here to post that supporting our troops makes someone an idiot. You Sir have showed your intelligence by making a post that is thoughtless and insincere. BTW, yes you can receive tonacco products to an APO address as I received all the cigars and chew that was so graciously donated by my fellow Americans whom know the meaning of sacrifice and showed some appreciation for someone doing their job in a hostile environment. Thanks to all the American Supporters, you guys are true American Heroes, you allow us to do our jobs with pride knowing our families and other things are taken care of back in the States. For all of you sign toting war protestors, you are welcome, we have provided you the freedom to express your opinions about military actions. Stop buying into the media and ask a soldier about his experiences, your views just may change.

Billy "Head Idiot"
The greatest obstacle to discovery isn't ignorance, but the illusion of knowledge
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