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Default Re: home remedy for nicofits/hookahhead/etc

Originally Posted by necco View Post
Gawd, once my exgf passed out twice in a lounge from hookah after she stood up

I only caught her once
i was at a lounge one time and a chick passed out like 10 feet away from me and i was the first to notice, told them to call 911 cause she was out (and after being a lifeguard you get it pounded into your head if they are out call no matter what). so she comes to and insists shes fine, stumbles away, 30 feet later she starts passing out again, and her friends are trying to help her and one of the starts to freak out so i go back over and help and a petty officer from the navy comes over and starts helping me, we lay her down and she comes to again (mind you she pissed her self from passing out at some point). get her to spit out her gum so she doesnt choke and try to figure out whats up with her. emts finally come and when they ask her age she says 17, it was amusing. she seemed fine just had to much to smoke, bet that chick never does that again

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