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Default Re: i need a quick solution

OK, I will do a video on this topic ... but I will try to explain it to you here ...

OK you need a good deep bowl
... for a one to three people session, I will use a MYA bowl, they are deep enough so you can put in a good amount of tobacco for one person, but leave a cushion of air between the foil and the top of the tobacco.
... for more then one person, I will choose between a small phunnel OR a Saudi Arabian Hookah Head (just depends on how I feel) and I will leave a good cushion of air between the foil and the tobacco. The Saudi Head, is just a bowl I found that holds a lot of tobacco, and is nice and deep!

Always fluff up your tobacco and sprinkle/loosely pack it in (see video) Set it up with a good cushion of air between the foil and the top of the tobacco. You will have to play around with the height of the tobacco, and the holes in the foil. But it is trial and error to find out what works for which coals and which brand of tobacco.
Take a look at the video above because in this vid I am using the Saudi Bowl, with a random spiral of holes in the foil, made with a toothpick. You can see about how I pack the bowl, and that I leave a little MORE cushion of air on the outside edges of the bowl. NO matter what, the tobacco NEVER touches the foil, and I probably have a cushion of air about 3/16th space around the outside edges and 1/8th around the middle.

OK, now you want some good flavorful clouds!? Of course you do, we all do! Here is how ... Place the coals on the very outter edges of the bowl. Let the bowl heat up before you start puffing away! You should have some nice flavorful clouds, maybe not super huge! But pretty good clouds nonetheless. Just make sure your coals are on the VERY outter edges, I mean so close to the outter edge that they are close to falling off! Rotate about every 10-15 minutes ... and after about 30 minutes, you can start moving them in a little bit.

NOW! If you have patience and time management, get a windcover and put that on! You will INCREASE the heat of the overall bowl, and get even more smoke! You will have to monitor it though, so as not to burn your tobacco. You may have to take it off and put it back on, it definitely requires some management, until you find the right amount of coals and location on the bowl) This is where you will get the most flavorful and thick clouds ... but you need a good cushion of air, because the windcover will bring the heat up higher! But if you manage the windcover, coals, and bowl just right, you can get some really nice flavorful clouds of smoke!

I should also note, that for coal amount, I use 3/4 stick of Exoticas, or 2 golden quicklights, or three to four Japanese Square coals. All of these amounts are depending on size of bowl. For instance, I would only use 2/4 Exoticas on a MYA OR 3 Japanese Squares. While for the Saudi I would use 4 Japanese, 3/4 Exoticas, 2 Golden Quicklights.

Hope that helps!? It is a little hard to explain so I will do a video on it in the future, to explain it in more detail ...

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