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Default Re: i need a quick solution

Heating up the glycerine on the tobacco is what produces the milky whiteness of the clouds. When you over-do the heat, the tobacco get's toasted and you get that terrible burning fruit tobacco taste.

What it sounds like to me is that your holes are too big, and your coal stays in one place for too longs. Poke your foil with less smaller holes, and make sure when you out your coal on the foil it isn't hissing and smoking (that means you are burning it). This is usually caused by the foil dropping down because of the number of holes in it, and if the holes are too large.

You can also break the coal in half and put the halves on opposite sides. This will spread around the total amount of heat instead of concentrating it in one place.

The Windcover works perfect, you need to use less coals if the tobacco is getting burnt. Although, with some bowls, they become too hot and no matter what your smoke will be burnt tasting. When that happens you must take the cover off and let the baccy sit for 10 or so minutes.
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